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Amplid FTF Bindings

If you stomp cliff landings and your bindings still send you tumbling, maybe it's time to upgrade to the Amplid F.T.F Ski Binding so you can safely ski out from under the cliff band. For skiers who have seen the limitations of cheap park binders, this solid 5-15 DIN binding can elevate your skiing into a new realm of stompability in the park and big-mountain terrain. Its Zero Ramp Angle ensures easy switch riding and landing while its heel and toe provide quick release during awkward, injury-prone falls once you fail to recover.

  • Brake Width: 90mm
  • DIN Range: 5 - 15
  • Diagonal Toe piece features Four Rollers and gliding inserts that provide 180-degree releasing capability
  • Zero Ramp Angle yields easy switch riding and provides a neutral position
  • Oversized Anti Friction Device
  • BoilerPlate Forward Pressure 
  • Hard plastic and steel components keep the weight down and provide durability