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Armada B-Dog Skis

Brand new for 2015, Armada designed a park ski for mega-pro Phil Casabon.  It's BDog's first Armada pro model, so he pulled out all the stops to make it as fun, smooth, and buttery as possible.  The B-Dog has an ultra soft and playful feel for ripping nose wheelies, butters or any crazy tricks that Phil can pull off. Armada's EST Rocker profile makes the B-Dog highly maneuverable, easy to spin, and super playful. To give you the most spring and power Armada has a Hybrid Ultralight Core and a Carbon/Kevlar Stringer in the tail that has a very springy feeling to help you boost up on top of any feature in the park. A 2.5 Edge is heat treated steel that has a very durable feeling, because these things take a pounding.  If you think you can keep up with Phil in the park, you better arm yourself with the all new Armada B-Dog Skis!

  • Dimensions: [170 cm] 108 / 93 / 100 mm, [176 cm] 109 / 94 / 111 mm
  • EST Park Rocker (tip and tail rocker, camber underfoot)
  • AR50 hybrid construction
  • Hybrid Ultralight wood core
  • CK carbon Kevlar stringer
  • 5-point sidecut
  • S7 sintered base
  • 2.5 Impact edges