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Atomic Nomad LF Ski Helmet

The Nomad LF Helmet offers everything a skier needs to stay protected, warm and stylish while ripping around the mountains. The "LF" stands for Live Fit which means there is a thin memory foam strip that lines the inside of the helmet which makes for a more customized and comfy fit around the head. The Nomad also features an adaptive fit dial in the rear so you can fine tune the fit when it's already on your head. The Ear pads are audio compatible so you can jam out while skiing and the liner is removable so you can toss it in the wash when it starts to stink. There are adjustable vents as well so you can regulate your temperature quite easily. The Nomad is loaded with great features but it also looks great on your head! We recommend you never go skiing without a legit helmet that fits, why not choose one that looks cool too?