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Atomic STH2 13 WTR Ski Binding

Atomic's STH series bindings have long been the clamps of choice for freeriders who fancy themselves big and burly, and the new STH2 13 WTR is certainly tough enough to handle big lines, drops, and speeds. It starts with a DIN that maxes out at 13, then adds an oversized platform for secure mounting and efficient power transfer, and a low-profile chassis to keep you close and connected to your skis. It's been newly updated, though, to be compatible with Atomic/Salomon's WTR rockered boot soles as well as traditional alpine soles, so you can switch back and forth from your Guardians or Trackers to your STHs without switching out boots or soles.  Dont worry, the redesign hasn't affected the safety or security. The STH2 WTR still has the classic 3D Driver Toe for consistent multi-directional release, serious elastic travel to prevent pre-releasing, and progressive transfer pads to serve up a smooth, vibration-free ride. The wings and toe height are easy adjust, too, so you can nail the perfect fit without missing out on the pow because you had to fiddle around in the shop for an hour.