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Black Diamond GlideLite Mohair Mix Custom STS Skin

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A mix of fast, natural mohair and durable nylon makes the Black Diamond GlideLite Mohair Mix STS Climbing Skin ideal for longer tours and approaches. A redesigned construction offers drastically less weight and improved packability, making this skin just over two ounces lighter than similar Ascension models. Patented STS adjustable tails give you 10cm of length adjustment for easy transitioning between different skis in your quiver or one-and-done tensioning. The ultralight Dynex and aluminum tip loops fit a wide range of ski tips, providing a versatile and reliable balance of efficiency and reliability.

  • A lightweight climbing skin for longer approaches and tours
  • Mohair mix offers an ideal balance of speed and durability
  • Redesigned to make it lighter and more packable
  • Replaceable Dynex and aluminum tip fits wide range of ski tips
  • STS tail provides 10cm of length adjustment