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Dalbello Il Moro Team I.D. Ski Boots

The Dalbello Il Moro Team ID Ski Boots were designed by mega pros, like like Tanner Hall, Russ Henshaw, and Nick Goeppert, to charge down big mountain lines and rip through the park.  The genius behind the progressive feel of the Dalbello Il Moro is Dalbello's legendary three-piece Cabrio design.  The shell and cuff are made of rigid polyethylene and polyurethane, respectively, to provide precise race-like feedback and direct plenty of power laterally to your edges; while the Kinetic Response tongue is made of polyamide for a smooth, progressive 120 flex, so you can eliminate shin-bang without sacrificing power.  A HyperbandFree flex cuff wraps around your lower leg firmly but flexes when you lean on it, and a Dynalink rearfoot retention system that's linked to the inside of the shell provides a snug fit and killer heel hold without messing up the carefully-dialed flex of the upper cuff.  There's even an inverted toe buckle, which presses the foot down into the bootboard and is positioned to avoid impact during big airs and rail slides.  

The Il Moro also comes with a heat-moldable wrap-style I.D. Max liner and fully adjustable cant, flex, and lean adjustments so you can dial in the fit to your foot shape. Add in a shock-reducing bootboard and big-ski-friendly center-balanced Rocker stance, and it's no surprise that the Il Moro is a pro favorite. 

  • Last Width: 98mm
  • Flex: 120
  • Three-piece Cabrio design
  • HyperbandFree flex cuff
  • I.D. Max heat-moldable wrap-style liner
  • Center-balanced Rocker stance
  • Dynalink rearfoot retention
  • Full-length antishock bootboard
  • Canting, flex, and lean adjustment
  • Inverted forefoot buckle
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