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Full Tilt B&E LTD Ski Boots

Phil Casabon and Henrik Harlaut – a.k.a. “B-Dog” and “E-Dollo” – created the Full Tilt B&E LTD Ski Boot to have a pro model boot that matches their progressive style.  Built with the freestyle oriented FTE Evolution shell, a new rendition of the legendary Full Tilt 3-piece design, the B&E is lightweight and sits close to the snow for unmatched snow feel with all of your tricks.  The B&E has a wide toe box (102mm last) and shock absorber boot board, that work together to reduce shin and toe bang when you are stomping big landings.  The moderate 6 flex gives these boots a performance feel when speeds are up, but still feel buttery when you are landing switch.  There is no doubt the FT B&E LTD Ski Boots are the ultimate park rat boots.  

Last: 102 mmWider shell for wider and higher volume feet.

FTE Evolution 3-Piece ShellA quantum leap in ski boot design -- the FTE is a new shell born from the original 3-piece DNA by constructed for those with a wider footprint.

Flex Rating: 6 (1 soft - 10 stiff)Maximum versatility & reliability in all conditions with a smooth, natural ankle motion to eliminate shinbang! You can quickly change your flex by swapping out different # flex tongues.

Ribbed Tongue100% ribbed tongue enables smoother, more natural linear flex from your shin to your toe. The tongue bends like a flexible straw, never bottoming out while providing smooth rebound. No more shin bang! Optimized for FT's new 45 degree cable positioning for the smoothest flex possible.

Infinite PivotUnlike traditional designs, the rear cuff never bottoms out. It pivots infinitely forward with your calf for less shell distortion, no shin pain, and more control.

Shock Absorber Boot BoardSoft rubber layer in the sole of the shell absorbs vibrations, impact, and shock for a smooth ride.

Lightweight ConstructionMinimalistic 3-piece design eliminates the need for thick heavy overlapping plastic of bolts for increased quickness and sensitivity. Up to 2 lbs / 900 g lighter than some alpine boots.

100% Heat Moldable Intuition®All adult Full Tilt boots use authentic Intuition® closed cell foam that is body heat activated to mold 100% to your feet and shell during use, or can be heat molded by a shop in minutes.