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Full Tilt Classic Ski Boots

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You like a perfectly grilled steak, tinsel on your Christmas tree, and dinner-and-a-movie dates. You also enjoy chair lifts, fresh snow, and your Full Tilt Classic Men's Ski Boot. You know all about this boot: the medium, all-mountain flex, three-piece Original shell, ribbed tongue, smooth flex, Quick-Fit Intuition liner, and ratchet buckles. It's lightweight and stylish, even by today's standards—especially by today's standards. And now your beloved, tried-and-true classic has a replaceable rubber heel for sure footing that lasts and lasts. Now, get your butt in the chair and bend those skis in wide, high-flying turns like your daddy taught you.

  • Adjustable flex (#6 flex tongue included)
  • 99mm last
  • FTO original 3-piece shell
  • Quick-Fit Intuition liner
  • Cable closure
  • Nylon ratcheting buckles
  • Replaceable rubber heel
  • Lateral angle adjustment
  • Adjustable forward lean