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Lange XT 130 Ski Boots

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You spend the majority of your time hucking yourself off cliffs, booters, and whatever else you can find, but that doesn't mean you don't like the occasional hiatus into the backcountry. The Lange Men's XT 130 Ski Boot gives you what you need to expand your playground with a reliable walk mode and wide 100mm last. So when it's time to take a walk into the backcountry, flip the switch into walk mode and cruise to untouched pow. Once you get to the top of the skin track, flip the switch back to ski, crank down the 50mm powerstrap and prepare to leave your ultra-lightweight friends in the dust.

With a stiff 130 flex, four aluminum buckles, and a metal-on-metal ski/walk mode, the XT 130 serves up the same powerful feel you'd expect from a pair of Langes, but with a few added bells and whistles to make the transition from frontside groomers to backcountry zones that much easier. The walk mode system features Lange's Power V-Lock technology, which consists of a metal-on-metal lock, so when they're locked in, they're locked in tight. The metal-on-metal connection also ensures that the system doesn't wear out after heavy and repeated use. Once flipped into walk mode, the XTR provides a respectable 43° range of motion, making the bootpack to those epic lines that much easier. The interchangeable soles can be switched between rockered WTR soles and Lange's Ultra Grip traditional alpine soles.

As you probably already suspected, the XT 130 is made with a combination of two top-shelf plastics, giving the boots a powerful and progressive flex, so you won't feel like you've sacrificed an ounce of performance for the added convenience of a walk mode. The cuff is composed of a stiff polyolefin plastic, while the shell material is a polyether material, which makes the XT just a bit more forgiving and easier on the feet. This boot comes with Lange's Control Fit liner, which is heat-moldable to ensure a precise and comfortable fit and is equipped with a lace closure system, making every detail of this boot hellbent on one thing—crushing the steeps.

  • A hard-charging resort boot that can handle a little backside action
  • Stiff 130 flex for aggressive rippers
  • 100mm last accommodates wide feet
  • Liner is heat-moldable for a precise fit
  • Walk mode offers a 45° range of motion
  • Replaceable rubber soles for added traction
  • 50mm power strap holds you in secure