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Line Chronic Skis

Size Guide
Ski Size Chart

Picking the right ski size depends on your skiing ability, style of skiing, and height/weight.  For example, a park skier would choose a totally different size of ski than a powder skier.  So take a look at our ski size chart to find your perfect fit.  

                        Big Mountain     Backcountry Jib    All Mountain     Park & Pipe
Pro                  180-200cm          180-190cm              180-190cm        175-185cm
Expert             170-180cm          175-185cm              170-180cm        160-180cm
Intermediate   160-180cm          160-180cm              160-180cm        160-175cm
Beginner          N/A                      N/A                          150-170cm        150-170cm

The legend of the Line Chronic Skis as the ultimate all-mountain park ski is undeniable.  Basically Line loaded up the Chronic with all the bombproof materials you can think to keep your skis looking fresh and somehow still managed to keep them lightweight.  The Early Rise rockered tip and tail profile, along with 92mm waist underfoot, planes up over  powder and choppy snow when you're chasing hits out of the park, and it won't hook or hang up so turn initiation is earlier and easier. Symmetric Flex allows you to ride forward or switch with ease, and ThinTip rocks a thin core in the sidewall and tip, reducing unnecessary weight. The Chronic is built with Capwall construction, a combination of cap and sandwich construction, that gives you the weight savings and responsiveness of cap construction with the edging power of sidewall construction.  The 5-Cut sidecut blends five different turning radii into a single sidecut shape for ultimate turn shape versatility, which means easier handling anywhere on the mountain. Line packed the inside of the Chronic with a dank blend of durable maple and hyper-poppy aspen, to maximize power and pop. Line finished it off with a super-speedy sintered base and burly Fatty edges, so you can take all the speed you need into big booters and have the grip to carve hard and set a solid edge.

Early Rise™ – The rise of the tip and tail begin earlier as the ski profile moves away from center, making for easier turn initiation and helping to get the skis up on plane more quickly. This also means effortless float in softer snow.

Symmetric Flex™ – The same flex pattern in front and behind your boot conforms to terrain equally riding forward and backwards.

5-Cut™ – 5 different sized sidecut radius shapes are blended into one, for intuitive control and unlimited turn shapes.

Thin Tip™ – Super thin core & sidewall in the tips are 100 grams lighter per pair for reduced swing weight & tip bounce.

Maple Macroblock – Solid Maple under foot with lightweight Aspen at the tips for durability and reduced swing weight.

Capwall™ – The best of both worlds! Cap on the top for light and playful performance with sidewall over the edge for added protection.

Sintered Fatty™ Base – 30% thicker base; 1.7 mm thick base dramatically increases durability and tuning life of these skis.

Fatty™ Edge – 2.2 x 2.5 mm edge for increased durability and tuning life.

  • Dimensions: 121mm/92mm/117mm
  • Turn Radius: 18.5m
  • Rocker Profile2 mm Tip / 5 mm Camber / 2 mm Tail
  • Claimed Weight: [pair] 7lb 14oz