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Line Magnum Opus Skis

The Line Magnum Opus Ski is the newest backcountry creation by Eric Pollard. With an underfoot width of 124mm, this burly beast of a freeride ski is built to float over whatever powder or crud the mountain throws at you. Line's new Cloud Core blends lightweight wood and composite materials to create a futuristic core that is incredibly light and solid, with super-smooth Symmetric Flex from tip to tail.

Fivecut geometry blends multiple sidecut radius shapes into one for intuitive control and unlimited turn shapes, and Line's Longer Active Edge puts 20% more edge in contact with the snow for a ton of carving grip; no more losing your edge. Early Taper shape helps to ensure that that extra edge contact is all working for you, eliminating annoying tail drag and hooking in soft snow. Line also gave the Magnum Opus Early Rise geometry, and while you might not understand it if you're not a math whiz, you'll certainly feel how the tip and tail rising earlier in the ski's profile helps for effortless turn initiation and float. Line's Sidewall construction means that ultra-high density polyurethane walls provide vibration absorption for maximum durability and a smooth and solid ride.

  • Dimensions: 148 / 124 / 146 mm
  • Rocker Profile: Rocker / Camber / Rocker
  • Claimed Weight: [single] 4 lb 4.78 oz