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Line Sick Day 104 Skis

Size Guide
Ski Size Chart

Picking the right ski size depends on your skiing ability, style of skiing, and height/weight.  For example, a park skier would choose a totally different size of ski than a powder skier.  So take a look at our ski size chart to find your perfect fit.  

                        Big Mountain     Backcountry Jib    All Mountain     Park & Pipe
Pro                  180-200cm          180-190cm              180-190cm        175-185cm
Expert             170-180cm          175-185cm              170-180cm        160-180cm
Intermediate   160-180cm          160-180cm              160-180cm        160-175cm
Beginner          N/A                      N/A                          150-170cm        150-170cm

Building off of one of the more decorated shapes in skiing, the all-new LINE Sick Day 104 Skis provide the perfect footprint for all-mountain exploration. A lighter than air Aspenlite Core is reinforced by Magic Finger Filaments for a lightweight yet energized ride. With ample edge hold and the right blend of rocker and camber, the totally redesigned Sick Day 104 Skis are meant to bounce between the deep pow and blown out hardpack effortlessly.

  • Dimensions: 137-104-121
  • Turn Radius:  17-22m
  • Weight: 1889g
  • Capwall: The best of both worlds! Cap on the top for light & playful performance with sidewall over the edge for added precision.
  • Aspen Macroblock:  100% Aspen for the lightest, most nimble feel.
  • Magic Finger Filaments:  New! A wide array of carbon stretching from tip to tail for added stability without sacrificing weight in our totally new Sick Day series.
  • Early Rise:  The rise of the tip and tail begin earlier as the ski profile moves away from center making for easier turn initiation and helps get the skis up on a plane more quickly. This also means effortless float in softer snow!
  • Early Taper:  The widest point of the sidecut begins tapering earlier in the tip & tail which reduces hook ups in powder.
  • Directional Flex:  The softer tip floats & initiates turns easily while the stiffer tail provides power, stability & high speed control.
  • Thin Tip:  Super thin core & sidewall in the tips are 100 grams lighter per pair for reduced swing weight & tip bounce.
  • 5-Cut:  Not one, not two but FIVE different radii shapes are blended into the ski's overall sidecut to give you that intuitive control & unlimited turn shape.