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LINE Tom Wallisch Pro Ski

Tom Wallisch has been pushing the forefront of park and street skiing for over a decade now. Whether he's stepping to urban quad kinks late in the night or maching into perfectly sculpted park jumps, Tom is clicking into the LINE Tom Wallisch Pro Skis. With a quick swingweight, bomber construction, and snappy feel, the Tom Wallisch Pro sacrifices nothing and can hang – no matter what feature you throw at it.

Dimensions: 117-90-112
Weight: 1802 g
Side Cut: 20 Avg. m
Stance:  -30 mm
Core Construction: Maple Macroblock


  • Capwall™
  • Carbon Ollieband
  • 5-Cut™ Geometry
  • Early Rise™
  • Early Taper™
  • Maple Macroblock™
  • Symmetric Flex™