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Line Whip Ski Poles

Get a pole as flexible as your style when you use the Line Whip Ski Pole. Since Line's fiberglass-shaft Whip Ski Poles are three times more flexible than aluminum shafts, you'll get a little more forgiveness when you come down on them. With 26mm moto-style grips and Line's Grab Tab technology, you won't drop your sticks when you're sending it. The hook-and-loop strap is easy to adjust, and the Whip comes with 60mm and 90mm Screwoff! baskets that are easy to switch out for different missions and conditions.

  • Fiberglass Shaft
  • Grip: 26mm Moto + Grab Tab™
  • Strap: 25mm Adjustable Velcro Hook-and-Loop Fastener strap
  • Two Screwoff!™baskets: 60 mm & 90 mm
  • Claimed Weight: [pair, 40in] 14.1 oz