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Line Whip Ski Poles

The Line Whip Ski Poles are a favorite of core freeskiers.  The 26mm diameter shaft is made from fiberglass that is 3 times more flexible than aluminum.  The Whip Poles feature a Moto Rubber Grip and Line's signature Grip Tab that keeps your poles locked in place and not worry about dropping them when you are holding that grab one extra second.  The Whip also includes 60mm and 90mm Screw-Off baskets that change out quickly when conditions switch from park to pow skiing. 

  • 26mm Fiberglass Shaft
  • Moto Rubber Grip + Grab Tab!
  • Set it And Forget It! Adjustable, velcro 25mm strap
  • Includes 2 Screwoff™ Baskets -60 mm & 90 mm