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Look Pivot 12 Dual WTR Ski Binding

The Look Pivot 12 Dual WTR Ski Bindings have all the features that the pros insist on with burly Look Pivot bindings, but now come in a reasonable 12 DIN version for lighter weight skiers.  The Pivot 12 Bindings feature a lighter housing than the other Pivot models, but still have the same famous Pivot heel piece and Full Drive toe that made the Pivot series legendary. The heel piece rotates directly under the tibia to provide consistent release in twisting falls, and the toe and heel have the most elastic travel on the market, which means the DIN can be set lower without risking premature release, so your skis will stay on and come off only when they should, letting you ski harder and safer.  Look updated this binding to accommodate both alpine ski boots with WTR rockered soles as well as the standard soles.

With a DIN that goes from 4-12, the Pivot 12 is a great choice for aggressive skiers on the younger and lighter end of the spectrum, or adult riders who want safety, security, and performance without having to invest in a super-rugged and aggressive binding. 


Dual Standard Concept –  Look strategically reinforced the toe housing, increased the toe ramp, elongated the toe-wings, and created a toe that is compatible with both ISO 5355 Alpine soles and WTR (Walk-to-Ride) rockered soles.

180˚ Multi-Directional Release –  The safest and most reliable release in the industry.

7 Points of Contact –  More points of contact with the boot results in superior lateral energy transmission with better response, control and snow feel.

Turntable Heel –  Look's unique turntable heel design provides shock absorption and unmatched smoothness and consistency for lateral release.

Short Mounting Zone –  Placing the heel screws under the boot sole shortens the mount zone considerably, letting the ski flex more naturally.

  • 4-12 DIN range for hard-charging experts
  • WTR compatibility fits standard alpine boots and rockered soles: Alpine DIN (ISO 5355), Walk to Ride (WTR)
  • Toe piece and turntable heel maximizes power transmission
  • Short mounting zone ensures consistent ski flex
  • Seven points of contact enhance lateral energy transmission
  • Elasticity: [toe] 45mm, [heel] 28 mm
  • Ramp Angel: 0.2°
  • Claimed Weight: [single] 2 lb 8 oz