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Marker Jester 16 Ski Bindings

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The Marker Jester Ski Bindings has set the bar for high-performance freeski bindings.  Now available in 90mm, 110mm, and 136mm brakes, the Marker Jester is the premier binding in the park, resort, or big mountain backcountry.  The Marker Inter Pivot Heel offers superior holding power by focusing energy in the direction of the boot sole and delivering a smooth transition of power from boot to ski. The Jester also uses the Triple Pivot Light Toe, which features a horizontally oriented spring and a compact design, maximizing power while cutting down on added weight.  Magnesium parts further cut down on weight while maintaining high strength while a stainless steel AFD Gliding Plate allows for safety and precision unhindered by snow, ice, or dirt.  Best of all, if you style is as important as performance to you then you will dig the new black-on-black color!

Triple Pivot Elite Toe –  With a horizontally oriented spring, the Triple Pivot Elite Toe provides the highest energy absorption to reduce the risk of early release. The secure purchase on the boot lug optimizes power transmission and allows for durable, high energy use. The performance to weight ratio of the Triple Pivot toe is truly unmatched in the industry.

Gliding AFD –  All Marker bindings (except the Jester Pro) are equipped with a moveable AFD (Anti Friction Device), allowing a precise release unhindered by dirt, snow, and ice buildup. The type of AFD is matched to the skier type, ensuring perfect functionality from racing to junior and even alpine touring.

Inter Pivot Release –  The industry-leading construction delivers superior holding power for all types of freeskiing. Its design focuses power in the direction of the boot sole, increasing elasticity. The overall design focuses on optimum power transmission.

Magnesium Parts –  Magnesium's lightweight and high strength make it perfect for high-end products -- the skier is well equipped for a faster run and the most radical lines.

Sole ID –  Marker Sole ID allows Marker Authorized Retailers to adjust Sole ID equipped bindings to both ISO 5355 (Alpine) and ISO 9523 (AT) boot sole norms.

  • 6-16 DIN range
  • Stand Height: 22mm
  • Magnesium parts
  • Triple Pivot Elite toe
  • Inter Pivot heel
  • Stainless steel AFD gliding plate
  • Recommended Skier Weight: 130lbs +