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Marker Squire 11 Ski Binding

The Marker Squire Ski Bindings were built to handle everything on the mountain, from bumps to powder to groomers and even trips through the park.  This versatile binding is a thing of beauty that offers powerful and smooth energy transmission from your boot to your ski, no matter what kind of terrain you take it down.  Marker engineered the Squire with a Triple Pivot Light toe that keeps the weight down but still offers Marker's signature secure performance, just like the beefier Marker models in the Royal Family.  The Squire also has a gliding AFD (anti-friction device) that allows for safety and precision that is unhindered by dirt, snow, and ice buildup.  Marker also added a Hollow Linkage Reel two-piece TwinCam heel for smooth, easy entry, even in snowy conditions. With a mid-range DIN of 3 to 11, the Squire is a great option for lighter weight skiers and intermediates looking to have the confidence to push themselves in more challenging terrain.

Triple Pivot Light Toe –  Compact design features a horizontally-oriented spring. The Triple Pivot Light toe offers a unique combination of light weight and solid power transmission.
Gliding AFD –  All Marker bindings (except the Jester Pro) are equipped with a moveable AFD (Anti Friction Device), allowing a precise release unhindered by dirt, snow, and ice buildup. The type of AFD is matched to the skier type, ensuring perfect functionality from racing to junior and even alpine touring.
Hollow Linkage Heel –  The Hollow Linkage Heel features a hollow horizontal axle that saves weight and maximizes power transmission, creating a light weight product with phenomenal power transmission.
  • DIN Range: 3-11 DIN 
  • Boot Compatibility: alpine (ISO 5355)
  • Stand Height: 22 mm
  • Recommended Skier Weight: 65 - 240 lb
  • Claimed Weight: [90mm] 3 lb 6 oz, [110mm] 3 lb 6.3 oz