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Ortovox 3+ Avalanche Rescue Package

The Ortovox 3+ Avalanche Rescue Package puts the top Ortovox beacon, shovel, and probe into one convenient kit.  The 3+ Avalanche Kit includes the: 3+ Avalanche Beacon, Beast Shovel, 240 Light PFA Probe, and Safety Academy Book.  

The heart of the package is the 3+ Avalanche Beacon, a 3-antenna digital stud with a 40m range that runs on a single AA alkaline battery. It can search for and flag up to 3 burials, with an icon that indicates if there are 4 or more, and an intuitive circular display that shows distance and direction, complete with audio cues for easier searching. There's also a secondary avalanche switchover, which will switch back to transmit if it senses the beacon hasn't moved in 120 seconds, indicating the searcher has been buried in a secondary slide. In transmit mode, the 3+ will automatically send its signal from the antenna that's oriented at the most favorable angle, eliminating dead spots and signal traps that can drastically reduce the range of a transmitting beacon. A self-test occurs every time it switches on to ensure that it's in good working order, and Ortovox included a Recco reflector, so the 3+ still has limited transmit functionality even if it runs out of batteries. 

Once you've located a burial with your beacon, break out your 240 Light PFA Probeand assemble it using the quick and easy PFA tensioning system―one pull on the T-grip handle and the Dyneema cord snaps the probe into place, giving you 240mm of lightweight aluminum probing power. The 240 has an EVA foam grip to make assembly and search slip-free, and depth marks to help with snowpack analysis. 

You've established the location of the victim, so now it's time to dig. Grab the light and rigid Beast Shovel and cut through the snow with its hard, sharpened blade, rubberized grip, and rapid-locking telescoping handle. As soon as it stops moving, avalanche debris sets up like concrete, so super tough and strong aluminum is the order of the day for the blade and handle, and the oval-cross-section hybrid D/T grip provides excellent power to help you move snow. Think of your 3+ Avalanche Rescue Package as an insurance policy—you never want to need it, but there might come a time when you're glad you've got it.

  • 3+ Avalanche Beacon
  • Beast Shovel
  • 240 Light PFA Probe
  • Avalanche Safety Academy Book