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Ortovox 3+ Beacon

The Ortovox 3 Plus Avalanche Beacon was designed to quickly answer the three most important questions in an avalanche: which direction, how many people, and how far to them?  The Ortovox 3 Plus Beacon is very user-friendly, and uses an all-digital triple-antenna search tool with intelligent SMART-ANTENNA-TECHNOLOGY ™ that allows for quicker recoveries by switching between transmitting antennas to maximize signal strength even when you tumble in a slide and change directions.

In search mode, a simple circular real-time display tells you what direction to search and how far to the victim while a clear, circular pinpoint search shows you how close you are before you start moving away from the signal. Easy Mark technology shows the number of victims and lets you pin the signals once found (with a large button below the front display) so you can quickly move onto the next signal. After 120 seconds of no movement, the beacon switches from search to transmit in case you get buried in a follow-up slide. Should you be buried, the 3 Plus features Smart Antenna Technology which analyzes the position of the antennas and automatically switches to the best transmitting antenna, which boots range 43% more than other devices on the market (with the exception of Ortovix' S1+), no matter what search device your companion is using.

Ortovox constructed the 3 Plus with a rubberized housing to protect it against moisture and impact, while a small carry bag with elastic strap securely attaches the 3 Plus to your body. An illuminated backlight display allows for nighttime rescues. The 3 Plus also has clear and optimized search acoustics for reliability and a Recco reflector that helps professional rescuers find victims buried in the snow. 

  • Smart Antenna technology (digital triple-antenna device)
  • Parallel search for multiple victims
  • Automatic switchover in case of secondary avalanche after 120 seconds of no movement
  • Circular real-time display 
  • Easy mark technology shows number of victims
  • Rubberized housing
  • Comfort carrying system included
  • Marking function
  • Updatable microprocessor
  • Digital Range: 40 m
  • Batteries: 1 AA alkaline
  • Dimensions (in mm): 122 x 73 x 27
  • Weight (incl. battery and case): 210g