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Ortovox Zoom+ Avalanche Rescue Package

Escape the holiday crowds and breathe in some fresh backcountry air when you utilize the Ortovox Zoom+ Avalanche Rescue Package. Its included Zoom+ transceiver, 240 Economic Probe, Badger shovel, and Safety Academy guide book help ensure you have the proper safety tools in case of an avalanche. Along with this kit, we highly recommended that you take avalanche courses and train with your touring partners so you understand the dangers of the backcountry and know how to properly respond in a stressful avalanche situation. 

The included user-friendly, triple-antenna Zoom+ transceiver features Ortovox's patented Smart Antenna Technology which analyzes its position in an avalanche and automatically switches to the best transmission antenna. As a result, it almost doubles the range when you're in the worst coupling position, regardless of the beacon your partners are using to search for you. The Zoom+ also has a slimmed down design for ease of use. With only two buttons, faulty operation is virtually impossible. Once switched on, the user can switch between sending and searching modes using the safety switch. Further instructions are then displayed on the large LED screen which is easy to read even in poor visibility and at night. Distances, directional arrows, and information about several avalanche victims guide you in the fastest way to the refined search area, with the intuitive search acoustics making victims easier to locate.

This sweet package also includes a lightweight aluminum Badger shovel with an ergonomic, hybrid grip for maximum power transmission. Designed with a sizable blade volume of 2.5 liters, the Badger has a center ridge and high side walls for full rigidity while you dig out your victim or dig a pit. Non-slip grooves on the top edge of the blade provide adequate traction on your boots while a centering aid in the shaft socket facilitates rapid assembly.

An included 240 Economic Probe helps you locate the avalanche victim beneath the snow once you have honed in on the victim's position above the snow by the use of your Zoom+ transceiver. This low-weight 240cm-long probe features an aluminum tube with a diameter of 11 millimeters. The probe is stretched classically with a screw cap in which the Kevlar draw line is clamped, while the burial depth can be read on the probe segments so you know how deep to dig. 

  • Avalanche safety kit with beacon, probe, and shovel
  • Zoom+ beacon with digital triple antenna and auto switch-over
  • Badger shovel made of aluminum and equipped with an ergonomic handle
  • 240 Economic probe with classic screw cap deployment