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Pieps DSP Pro Avalanche Beacon

The Pieps DSP Pro Avalanche Beacon is designed for serious backcountry skiers, ski mountaineers, and mountain professionals.  The Pieps DSP Pro has a simple two-button interface that gives you only the options you need for fast and effective performance—send, search, scan, and flag. Just slide the side switch to toggle between transmitting and receiving and mark burials using the flag button. When you've flagged a signal, the three antennas automatically switch to the nearest unflagged signal for streamlined searching. The Pro has a 60m circular search range and a smart transmitter that, during a burial, automatically switches to the antenna with the clearest broadcasting range, minimizing dead spots and signal traps that can drastically reduce a beacon's effectiveness. It also ensures that its signal isn't overlapping with any other transmitting beacons, minimizing misleading signals and indirect search paths.  Designed to keep things simple and efficient, the Pro has a distance readout, a directional arrow, multiple-burial indicators, and a battery-life display, which provide all the necessary information without cluttering the screen. 

  • Three antenna digital beacon with simple two-button interface
  • 60m circular range, 55m search strip
  • Direction, distance, and multiple-burial indicators
  • Flagging and scan functions
  • Automatic Smart Transmitter signal optimization
  • Integrated inclinometer
  • Digital Range: [circular] 60 m, [search strip] 55 m
  • Battery Life: [transmit] 400 hours, [search] 50 hours
  • Claimed Weight: [with batteries] 7 oz