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Volkl 100Eight Skis

The Volkl 100Eight Skis might be replacing the Gotama, but they are whole breed of skis in the Volkl lineup.  With a 108mm waist and fully rockered profile, the 100Eight Skis can float on powder, bust through crud, but are still nimble enough to rip turns down hardback.  The 100Eight features Tough Box cap construction that employs a strong, energetic, and torsion-resistant combination of fiberglass and composite that allows you to put plenty of power into the ski's edges without worrying that they'll be flimsy or unstable.  The Tough Box is wrapped around a multi-layer wood core, which features burly ash underfoot for stability and edging power and springy poplar towards the tips and tails for a lively, quick, and energetic feel.  

The core construction utilizes Volkl's new 3D Ridge construction. Basically, Volkl created a raised center section fore and aft of the binding and tapered it dramatically towards the edges, which gives the ski unreal edge-to-edge quickness and smooth flex without adding weight or sacrificing stability. Combined with the Smart Early Taper found in the tips and tails, 3D Ridge gives the 100Eight a ridiculously smooth and predictable feel in soft snow, on hardpack, and in evverything in between, so you can push your speed limit without feeling like your tips are going to fold up or catch and send you flying.

  • Dimensions: 141 / 108 / 124 mm
  • Profile: Fully Rockered + Flat Tail
  • Tough Box fiberglass and composite cap construction
  • Multi-layer cood core (ash and poplar)
  • Smart Early Taper
  • 3D Ridge design