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Volkl RTM 84 Skis + iPT Wideride XL 14 Bindings

Völkl has ruled the expert level groomer category with the RTM's since their inception and with minor tweaks over the years, the series has only gotten better. evo's best-selling all-mountain carver, the Volkl RTM 84 Skis + iPT WideRide XL 14 FR GW Bindings are a do-everything powerhouse, providing awesome edgehold, a smooth and silky ride, and easy maneuverability at any speed. New to the RTM series for 2018 is the use of 3D.Glass technology, which enhances the overall responsiveness of the ski. For advanced groomer-oriented skiers who love speed, the Volkl RTM 84 Skis + iPT WideRide XL 14 FR GW Bindings are one of the best setups in the industry.

  • Rocker Type:  XTD Tip & Tail RockerUnique rocker shape, longer rocker profile compared to traditional tip & tail rocker, very short cambered section under foot, with a stiffer tip, and softer mid-body.
  • Shape:  3D.Ridge TechnologyThis unique construction is characterized by a raised central ridge that flattens and thins dramatically toward the edges of the ski both in front and back of the binding. The result is a reduction in mass that enhances the agility of the ski while retaining the precision, power and pressure distribution where the boot contacts the ski.
  • Core:  3D.Ridge CoreCreated with a sophisticated CNC milling process, Extended Sensorwood cores create vertical ridges to form the understructure of the 3D Ridge shape.
  • Laminates:  3D.Glass TechnologyVölkl's latest development to improve overall ski performance and stability even in critical snow conditions. Compared to classic glass constructions, the three-dimensional and multiple-folded glass layers in the binding area result in an increased edge grip and a more vivid rebound behavior in turns.
  • Sidewalls:  Full 3D Sidewall
  • Base:  P-Tex 2100
  • Binding Plate:  WideRide XLMarker and Völkl developed the iPT WideRide system with a 30% greater than standard contact surface. On top of that, the binding is mounted significantly closer to the edge of the ski. This helps the energy flow more directly and continuously to the edges. This makes wider skis more agile, responsive and easier to control. The skis are better in tune with the skier’s signals and application of pressure and edge for a precise and powerful characteristic.
  • Included Bindings:  Bindings Do Not Come Mounted to SkisAlways have a certified binding technician mount and adjust your bindings.
  • Additional Features:  UVO TechnologyUVO (Ultimate Vibration Object) technology uses a small device attached near the tip of the ski to eliminate vibrations encountered at higher speeds and on uneven snow surfaces. It's the first application of this type of effectively counter vibration originating from any direction, and was first used in Völkl race skis.