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Volkl Shiro Skis

The Volkl Shiro is so good at so many things, it's tough to choose what exactly you want to do. It's happy to slash big, smeary turns down open faces, pivot through the trees, or rip big, deep, AK-style lines—just ask Ian Macintosh. But you should probably just do a little bit of everything. The Shiro's full rocker and wide dimensions—119mm underfoot, anyone?—enable effortless floatation through the deep, and the multi-layer Sensorwood poplar and beech core keeps things light without making the ski feel flimsy. It's not the fattest ski in Volkl's freeride line—that honor goes to the Three—but it charges plenty hard, courtesy of a carbon-laminate Power construction and a Tough Box torsion box that enable to you put tons of energy into the ski without overwhelming it. In fact, if you ever feel like the Shiro isn't enough ski, you should probably quit skiing immediately, because you'll officially be the gnarliest dude ever to strap on a pair of planks.

  • Dimensions: 151 / 119 / 135 mm
  • Fully rockered profile
  • Multi-layer Sensorwood poplar and beech core
  • Power/Tough Box torsion-box construction
  • Vertical sidewalls
  • Carbon laminate